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Gut Microbiome Testing & Wellness Programs

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Goodbye Bloat

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Our Gut Healing Programs

Offering a range of programs for you and your family to take control of your health and thrive. With a strong focus on gut health and personalised health programs using advanced microbiome testing. We believe a strong foundation of health begins in your gut. Test your gut microbiome and get your custom microbiome balancing plan from an expert practitioner.


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Advanced microbiome test w/ one on one review of your results with our gut health expert. Plus, a personal plan for your renewal.

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Complete microbiome wellness program including advanced microbiome testing, personal plan w/ ongoing consultation and support.

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Amanda & Owen

About Our Founders

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Read what just a few of our wonderful clients have to say about working with Amanda...
"My acne is now under control and I'm learning so much about my body"

When I came to see Amanda I was concerned about my PCOS, thyroid, adrenal fatigue and acne.My acne is now under control and I am now learning more about my adrenal issues, gut issues and DNA - it's so great learning so much about my body. I feel more in control and I don't stress so much about my acne anymore.Amanda is not like any other naturopath and takes a holistic approach. I love the DNA testing as it's making so much more sense about my health issues I have experienced before.Thanks Amanda!


"I loved the tailor made diet to suit my taste and my needs... I've now lost 12 kgs!"

I was wanting to lose weight.I've now lost 12 kgs and still have a few to go. My overall health is better and I have more energy and no sugar cravings.I loved the tailor made diet to suit my taste and my needs. I also had great supplement support from Amanda which was imperative to getting me to my end goal. I had a good understanding of nutrition prior but I have learnt so much more and had great support on the phone when I had any questions, Amanda always got back to me.I can't think of one thing that could have made this any better or more valuable.Many thanks Amanda, you are very devoted and knowledgeable and I couldn't have gotten this great result without you!


"I feel so much healthier with your support, advice and knowledge of the body"

Thanks Amanda, I feel so much healthier with your support, advice and knowledge of the body.

You possess that vital and rare combination of gentle encouragement with no judgement.

I look forward to an ever more vital life as I enter my twilight years and feel lucky to have you along side to help keep me well and thriving.


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